Dr. Choowong Auesukaree, the winner of Young Asian Biotechnologist Prize 2016, will deliver the Young Asian Biotechnologist Prize Lecture on September 29 during the 68th SBJ Meeting.

  • Date & Time: September 29, 2016   13:00-13:20Dr. Choowong Auesukaree - Winner of the Young Asian Biotechnologist Prize 2016
  • Place: Room D (ANA Crowne Plaza Toyama 3F)
  • Presentation No.: 2A-Dp01
  • Title: Molecular mechanisms underlying yeast adaptive responses to environmental stresses and pollutants
  • Authors: ○Choowong Auesukaree1, Chuenchit Boonchird2, Satoshi Harashima3, Prayad Pokethitiyook1, Maleeya Kruatrachue1 (1Dept. Biol., Fac. Sci., Mahidol Univ., 2Dept. Biotechnol., Fac. Sci., Mahidol Univ., 3Fac. Biotechnol. Life Sci., Sojo Univ.)
  • Moderator: Haruyuki Atomi

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