• Organizer: Nobutaka Nakashima (Tokyo Tekch.), Tomohiro Tamura (AIST)
  • Date: September 30, 2016  13:00-15:00
  • Place: ANA Crowne Plaza Toyama 3F Room C


Moderator:  Tomohiro Tamura

  • 13:00 (3S-Cp01)
    Discovery of valuable genes by massive sequencing and time lapse analysis of environmental RNAs
    ……○Nobutaka Nakashima, Yuya Nakamura (Sch. Life Sci. Technol.)

Moderator: Nobutaka Nakashima

  • 13:12 (3S-Cp02)
    Transcriptome and translatome of the model antibiotic producer Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)
    ……○Byung-Kwan Cho (Dept.Biol.Sci., KAIST, South Korea)
  • 13:36 (3S-Cp03)
    Genome-mining based natural product discovery
    ……○Pei-Yuan Qian (Division of Life Science and Environmental Science Programs, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)


  • 14:00 (3S-Cp04)
    Current Status of CBD and Nagoya Protocol on ABS, including the Synthetic Biology
    ……○Mutsuaki Suzuki (National Institute of Genetics)

Moderator: Tomohiro Tamura

  • 14:12 (3S-Cp05)
    Prediction and identification of sequences coding for orphan enzymes
    ……○Takuji Yamada (Grad. Sch. Biosci. Biotechnol., Tokyo Tech)

Moderator: Takuji Yamada

  • 14:36 (3S-Cp06)
    Elucidation of gene regulatory network by structural equation modelling
    ……○Sachiyo Aburatani (AIST)