The abstracts will be published exactly as submitted. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to supply the abstract with accuracy of content, spelling and presentation. Please note that no modifications can be made after 12 noon (JST) on June 1, 2016.
  • Letter count limit (including spaces)
    Abstract: 1,540 letters
    Title: 100 letters
    Author information (names and affiliation abbreviations): 280 letters

    pdfAbstract Sample

  • Title of presentation
    Avoid any abbreviation in the title. Do not put a period at the end.
    (Only first letter capital and lowercase for the rest, except for words normally capitalized as proper nouns)

    e.g.) Heat-shock transformation of <i>Escherichia coli</i>

  • Author names
    Enter surname of each author first, followed by first name and middle name (if any), for the indexing purpose, with only the first letter capitalized.

    e.g.) Seibutsu Taro

  • Affiliation abbreviation
    Abbreviate all authors' affiliations. ⇒pdfAbbreviation List

    Division of Biotechnology and Macromolecular Chemistry →Div. Biotechnol. Macromol. Chem.
    Department of Biotechnology →Dept. Biotechnol.,
    Graduate School of Engineering →Grad. Sch. Eng.
    University of Tsukuba → Univ. Tsukuba
    Company Limited → Co., Ltd.
    Corporation → Corp.


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    If you cannot find any appropriate key word, select "Others" in the list and type into the provided field.
    • Type in lower-case letter, except for words normally capitalized as a proper noun.
    • Use only English one-byte characters for keywords.

e.g.) lactic acid, biomass, <i>Aspergillus oryzae</i>, alpha-amylase

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    Select TWO (first and second preferences) ; technological fields and specialized areas.
    List of technological fields and specialized areas
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    Specify special characters (if any) so that non standard characters can be printed correctly in the Meeting Abstracts.
    If the title or/and author information (name and affiliation) exceed(s) the character limits, the full title or/and the rest of the authors' information (surname, given name and affiliation abbreviation) should be provided in this field.