The Society for Biotechnology, Japan (SBJ) has agreement with The Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering (KSBB) to promote the scientific collaboration since 1998. Based on this agreement, every year each society invites 5 lecturers from the counterpart society to its own annual meeting or symposium, through which each society exchanges the advanced scientific knowledge and acknowledges the activity range of each society.
In the 69th SBJ meeting, four invited speakers from KSBB will give a talk on September 12, 2017.


  • Dong-Myung Kim (Professor, Chungnam Nationtal University)Prof. Dong-Myung Kim

Date & Time: September 12 15:45–16:10
Place: Room B (Bldg. No.57 2F)
Presentation No.: 2S-Bp01
Title: Implementing cell-free synthesis systems for the synthesis and analysis of industrial enzymes


  • Sung Ok Han (Professor, Korea University)Prof. Sung Ok Han

Date & Time: September 12 16:10–16:35
Place: Room B (Bldg. No.57 2F)
Presentation No.: 2S-Bp02
Title: Designer nanoscale enzyme complexes for application to advanced biotechnology tools

  • Jong Wook Hong (Professor, Hanyang University)Prof. Jong Wook Hong

Date & Time: September 12 16:20–16:45
Place: Room D (Bldg. No.56 1F)
Presentation No.: 2S-Dp03
Title: Ultrafine separation of biological nano particles


  • Donghyun Lee (Asociate Professor, Chung-Ang University)Prof. Donghyun Lee

Date & Time: September 12 17:15–17:40
Place: Room Room D (Bldg. No.56 1F)
Presentation No.: 2S-Dp05
Title: Study on nature-inspired nano structure based cellsurface interactions for antimicrobial activities