• Place: Poster Hall (Bldg. No. 63, 2F  Nishiwaseda Campus)
  • Display Hours: 9:00–18:00 on September 12 and 13 
               9:00–15:00 on September 14
  • Session Hours (for discussion): 13:00–15:00 on September 12, 13 and 14

Poster presenters given an odd number should be at their poster from 13:00 to 14:00 and those with an even number from 14:00 to 15:00.

NOTE: Before the poster session in the arternoon, there are special oral sessions each morning.
All poster presenters, except for those who are scheduled for a talk in the special oral session B, or those who chose not to participate in the oral sessions on their entry, give a brief  (two-minute) introduction to their research in the Special oral session A.⇒Guidelines for Poster presenters


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Category (Classifications) Sept. 12 Sept. 13 Sept. 14
Taxonomy, phylogenetics 4P-G001–G007
Genetic engineering 2P-N001–E035 3P-N001–G026
Enzymology, enzyme 2P-G036–G057 3P-G027–G047 4P-G008–N033
Proteins 2P-H058–H075 3P-N048–H063
Antibody engineering 4P-G034–N049
Fermentation physiology, fermentation technology 2P-H076–N095 3P-H064–H081
Metabolic engineering 2P-H096–H113 3P-H082–H097 4P-G050–G069
Omics technology 4P-H070–E084
Brewing, brewing technology 2P-F114–I123 3P-H098–H107 4P-N085–H098
Food science, food technology 2P-I124–I143 3P-H108–H117
Bioremediation 3P-I118–I130 4P-N099–H115
Environmental technology, wastewater treatment 3P-F131–N140 4P-H116–I128
Biomass, bioresource and energy engineering 2P-I144–F167 3P-I141–I159 4P-I129–I154
Biochemical engineering 2P-J168–J191 3P-N160–I177
Cell culture engineering 3P-I178–J197
Bioprocess engineering 2P-N192–J203
Plant cell / tissue engineering 4P-N155–I163
Biomedical engineering 2P-N204–N220
Cell and tissue engineering   3P-N198–J212 4P-I164–N182
Bioinformatics 4P-F183–J192
Systems biology 3P-J213–N218
Biosensing and analytical chemistry 2P-J221–J231 3P-N219–J229
Sensors and monitoring devices 4P-J193–J195
Biosynthesis, natural organic chemistry 3P-J230–J236 4P-N196–N206
Organic chemistry, polymer chemistry 4P-N207–J209
Nucleic acid engineering   4P-J210–J212
Peptide engineering 4P-F213–J219
Lipid engineering 4P-N220–J221
Glycoengineering   4P-N222–J229