Li Zhang

Dr. Zhang Li - Winner of  the DaSliva Award 2012

Affiliation: Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Beijing, China

Title for the Award: Treatment capability of an up-flow anammox column reactor using polyethylene sponge strips as biomass carrier

[Background and Achievements]
Dr. Li Zhang earned her MD from Beijing University of Technology in 2008 and PhD from Kumamoto University (under supervision of Prof. Kenji Furukawa) in 2011. During the last year of the MD course, she studied in Kumamoto University as an exchange student between Beijing University of Technology and Kumamoto University. Her MD and PhD work was concentrated on reactor’s performance, operation, biological analysis etc. On the study of combined process of PN and anammox to treat reject water, long-term and stable treatment performance was obtained under a high NLR of 5.7 kg-N/m3/day and 10.5 kg-N/m3/day for PN and anammox reactors, respectively, and such stable state was maintained for 3 months. During her study, she published 10 science papers, among which 5 papers as first author, and the totally impact factor is 10.4. 


[Message as a prize winner]
As to be one of the winners of the DaSilva Award for this year, I feel very happy and very thankful. Because in my view, it is not only an award, but also a kind of recognition to my research. Thanks for Professor Kenji Furukawa’s supervise. He really offered me valuable suggestions in the academic studies. Without his patient instruction, insightful criticism and expert guidance, I could not have done my research smoothly. Thanks for Journal bioscience and bioengineering (JBB) to help me publish my papers. Now I have returned back to China, and I will concentrate on wastewater treatment field. I will try to publish more paper in JBB in the near future. Thank you very much.

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