Fithriyah Sjatha

Affiliation: Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia

Research title for the award: Production of resuscitation-promoting factor B of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using various expression systems and their immunogenetical study for vaccine platform

Dr. Fithriyah Sjatha- Winner of DaSilva Award 2017
[Background and Achievements]
Dr. Fithriyah Sjatha received her doctoral degree from Kobe University, Japan ( under the supervision of Prof. Eiji Konishi) in 2014. After receiving PhD degree, she worked as lecturer and researcher in the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia. Continuing her study during Master and Doctoral degree, currently her research interest is dengue and tuberculosis vaccine development in both procaryotic and eucaryotic expression system. In 2014, she received Young Scientist Award from Faculty of Medcine, Universitas Indonesia and International Publication Award from Center for Research and Integrated Development of Tropical Health and Infectious Diseases-Universitas of Indonesia.


[Message as a prize winner]
I sent my gratitude and appreciation to the Society for Biotechnology, Japan for this honor. This award is a recognition for young researchers, encourages us to do more research in biotechnology, and I personally view this award as an opportunity for weaving collaboration with Japanese scientists and institutions. I would like to thank Prof. Enoch Y. Park and Prof. Eiji Konishi who fully support and encourage me to do more research and publish more papers. Thank you very much.

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