23rd SBJ President - EiichiroFukusaki(June  2021)


23rd SBJ President
Eiichiro Fukusaki

I am Eiichiro Fukusaki from Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University. I was appointed as the 23rd President of the Society for Biotechnology, Japan (SBJ). I clearly remember when I first delivered an oral presentation at the SBJ in 1984, when I was a graduate student of Prof. Hirosuke  Okada (8th President of SBJ)’s laboratory. Since then, I have felt gratefully indebted to the SBJ. The SBJ will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2022. As President, I will do my best to give back to the Society and celebrate with you all that memoirable year when SBJ reaches its 100th year.

Two years ago, when I was appointed Vice-President of SBJ, I did not expect the current COVID-19 situation at all. Today, we are required to steer the SBJ in a completely different manner. During this time of pandemic, we realized even more the importance to have face-to-face discussions and closer interactions. We still remember the feeling of loss when we could not hold the annual meeting of SBJ at Sendai last year. We remained positive though, and hoped the COVID-19 situation would calm down in 2021. We believed we could carry out a face-to-face annual meeting at Okinawa. However, the situation is extremely confusing, and it is still completely unclear how long the status would last. Despite this, I believe nothing is born if we feel discouraged. During this CORVID-19 situation, I would like to explore the strength of management that is unique to SBJ, with the primary objective of turning the pinch of the situation into an opportunity. First, by maximizing the effectiveness of online conferences that drastically improved in 'With Corona' situation, I believe that we can share each branch activity with SBJ members nationwide. I would like to visit the on-line branch activities and exchange opinions with everyone. In addition and given opportunity, I would like to maximize the synergistic effect between the fifteen research divisions and the research groups of the young researchers. The generalization of online meetings has lowered the barrier of overseas communication. In this light, I would like to actively deepen exchanges with overseas academic societies.

To show the scientific activities of the SBJ is our important mission. I totally appreciate the efforts of successive editorial chairpersons of 'JBB' and the 'Japanese monthly journal of SBJ' by which both journals have come to occupy important positions as regular publications in Biotechnology. In the future, I hope to facilitate an outreach activity of SBJ by enhancing homepage, utilizing SNS and other means. I would like to request for the utmost cooperation of each editorial chairperson help realize the projects for the 100th anniversary.

Industry-academia collaboration is an important activity that can be said to be a specialty of the SBJ. However, I am aware that change is required to continue activities within 'With Corona'. As earlier mentioned, I would like to turn a pinch into an opportunity and take this opportunity to make a leap forward.

Recruiting young members is essential for the development of the SBJ. Awareness-raising activities are being carried out at a certain level for fourth-year undergraduate and graduate students who have already been assigned to the laboratory. However, this is not sufficient for high school and junior high school students.  In 'With Corona' situation, I would like to explore outreach to junior and senior high school students.

Recently, I had more opportunities to hear the word SDGs. The implementation of SDGs is Japan's mission. With the academic field of biotechnology as our core competence, I would like to create a system where we can do our best in our aim of becoming an academic society that can provide the key technologies necessary for the back cast approach towards the realization of SDGs.

The SBJ is “EDEN (梁山泊)” for industry-government-academia members involved in biotechnology. I would like to make the SBJ an academic society for SBJ members by SBJ members. I sincerely look forward to the cooperation of Vice-President Yoji Hata, Vice-President Hideki Aoyagi, the other directors, all SBJ members, and administrative staffs.

June, 2021

The Society for Biotechnology, Japan
Eiichiro Fukusaki

23rd President  Eiichiro Fukusaki


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