Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering Vol. 101, No. 2  (February 2006) Cover

Crystallization of human triosephosphate isomerase.

Left-upper panel, Crystal of human triosephosphate isomerase from the microstirring technique at a rotation speed of 75 rpm. Stirring the protein solution prevents excess spontaneous nucleation and accelerates the growth of protein crystals, resulting in production of large and high-quality crystals. Large and left-lower panels, X-ray diffraction patterns of human triosephosphate isomerase crystal grown by the microstirring technique.

The outermost circle represents 1.2 Å resolution. The crystals showed diffraction maximally at a resolution of 1.2 Å and the data were processed at 1.41 Å resolution.

Related article: Adachi, H., Niino, A., Kinoshita, T., Warizaya, M., Maruki, R., Takano, K., Matsumura, H., Inoue, T., Murakami, S., Mori, Y., and Sasaki, T., "Solution-stirring method improves crystal quality of human triosephosphate isomerase", J. Biosci. Bioeng., vol.101, 83-86 (2006).