Vol. 133 (January–June 2022)

JBB Vol. 133 Cover

Liquid marbles (LMs) have recently shown a great promise as microbioreactors to construct self-supported aqueous compartments for chemical and biological reactions. To expand the potential of LMs as a three-dimensional cell culture platform, they are transformed to redox-responsive hydrogel marbles (HMs). The photograph shows the cellular spheroids formed by culturing human hepatocellular carcinoma cells (HepG2) in HMs.

For more information regarding this work, read the article: Wahyu Ramadhan, Yuki Ohama, Kosuke Minamihata, Kousuke Moriyama, Rie Wakabayashi, Masahiro Goto, Noriho Kamiya, “Redox-responsive functionalized hydrogel marble for the generation of cellular spheroids”, J. Biosci. Bioeng., volume 130, issue 4, pages 416–423 (2020) (Copyright@2022 The Society for Biotechnology, Japan).

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