JBB cover image
The JBB Editorial team is pleased to announce that Prof. Pi Chao Wang at the University of Tsukuba has won the JBB Cover Contest. Prof. Wang will receive  a free 2009 print subscription to JBB as well as an Amazon.com gift voucher of US$250. Prof. Wang′s cover image will appear in Vol. 107 (January to June 2009).





Cover illustration: Podocyte, a terminal differentiated cell, outgrew from glomeruli and proliferated in the culture dish at day 6 after removal of glomeruli. Podocyte was double stained with fluorescence-labeled anti-Ki-67 (green) and rhodamine-conjugated phalloidin (red), respectively. The former showed that podocyte was in an active proliferation phase of cell cycle in the nuclei, and the latter showed the specific foot processing cytoskeleton formed in the differentiated cell.

The JBB editorial board and journal staff would like to thank all participants of the contest for their contributions.