We would like to extend our sympathies to our members affected by the disastrous March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The SBJ Board has decided to offer a membership fee waiver to members in Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima and Ibaraki prefectures. Our thoughts are always with our members who are going through difficult time. We will try our best to support them in every way possible.

To be considered for an SBJ membership fee waiver, please fill out a waiver request form and submit the completed form to SBJ Business Office ().

  • For Active, Supporting, Institutional Members

pdfMembership Fee Waiver Request Form(724 KB)
wordMembership Fee Waiver Request Form(52KB)

  • For Student Members

pdfMembership Fee Waiver Request Form(734KB)
wordMembership Fee Request Form(59KB) 


Criteria for Acceptance

  • Active members: Must be residing in either Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima or Ibaraki
  • Student members: Must be studying at universities in the above mentioned areas or their parents must be residing in the affected areas.

    [NOTE] SBJ offers waiver of  registration fee for SBJ Meeting 2011 as well as membership fee to quake-affected students. ⇒Click here for more information in Japanese.
  • Supporting Members and Organization Members: Must be located in the affected area 


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