Position Specially Appointed Faculty and Research Staff
Number of Openings 1
URL http://www.hyoka.koho.titech.ac.jp/eprd/recently/koubo/koubo.php?lang=en
Area of Specialization Protein Engineering, Cellular Engineering or Synthetic Biology
Job Description The successful candidate will be required to carry out, in collaboration with Prof. Ueda, innovative researches on bioengineering, especially protein or cellular engineering, including biosensing and synthetic biology, under the Dynamic Alliance Project for Open Innovation Bridging Human, Environment and Materials in the “Molecular Bioscience” field of Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science.
Closing Date for Application Applications must be received by April 5 (Mon), 2021
How to Submit an
The required documents are zipped as one file and must be submitted through JREC-IN portal Web.
Contact Dr. Hiroshi Ueda, Professor,
Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science