Zhiling Li

Affiliation: State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resources and Environment, School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, P. R. China.

Research title for the award: Accelerated reductive dechlorination of chlorinated hydrocarbons by anaerobic bacteria formed biocathode system and the corresponding reaction mechanism

Dr. Zhiling Li - Winner of DaSilva Award 2014

Dr. Zhiling Li received her doctoral degree from Nagoya University, Japan (under the supervision of Prof. Katayama Arata) in 2010/9. After receiving the PhD degree, she worked as a postal-doctoral fellow in Ecotopia Science Institute of Nagoya Univerisity from 2010/11 to 2013/4. During the term, her research was mainly focused on biodegradation of persistent organic pollutant, including enrichment and characterization of reductive dechlorination and degradation bacteria, identification of functional population and functional genes, mineralization of halogenated aromatic compound in combined cultures/strains and mechanism identification.

From 2013/7, Dr. Li started to work as a lecturer in Harbin Institute of Technology, School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering Department. Currently, her research interests are on molecular identification of organohalide-respiring bacteria, directional biotransformation organic pollutant, and on electrochemical enhanced bio-decomposition of highly-toxic organic compounds and metabolic regulation. During the past 5 years, she has published over 15 scientific research papers, and the total impact factor is over 14 in the highly regarded SCI journals as a first author.


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