Date:October 23-26,2012 Venue:Kobe International Conference Center Chairperson:Hisao Ohtake (Osaka University)
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Thank all of you for your contribution and participation in the 90th anniversary meeting of the Society of Biotechnology of Japan (SBJ) at Kobe. There were a total of 2,100 participants attending general presentations, symposia, and international sessions during the 3 days meeting. We believe that the meeting was a great success and exceeded everyone's expectations.

We appreciate your continued support for SBJ, and are looking forward to seeing you again in Hiroshima in 2013.

 SBJ 90th Anniversary and 64th Annual Meeting -Abstracts PDF Download -

International Symposium on Biotechnology for Green Growth  October 24-26, 2012    Kobe, Japan

Abstracts PDF Download   International Sympoisum for Biotechnology on Green Growth

90th anniversary special program  - Partering Matching

Japan Science and Technology Agency

JST - Core Research for Evolutional Science & Technology

JST - Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology



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