• Poster Session: September 28–30, 2016
  • Place:
    Poster Hall I: Toyama International Conference Center 2F
    Poster Hall II: ANA Crowne Plaza Toyama 3F AUSUKA
  • Display Hours:
    September 28 & 29: 10:00–18:00
    September 30
    ♦ Morning session: from 18:15 on September 29 to 11:00 on September 30
    ♦ Afternoon session: from 11:15 to 17:30 on September 30
  • Session Hours (for discussion):

    [For presenters given an odd number]
    September 28 & 29: 16:00–17:00
    September 30: 9:00–10:00 or 15:30–16:30

    [For presenters given an even number]
    September 28 & 29: 17:00–18:00
    September 30: 10:00–11:00 or 16:30–17:30

 (Sample) 1P-1p015」 A poster presentation on the 1st day , Poster Hall I, Afternoon session, Poster No. 015

Category (Classifications) Sept. 28 Sept. 29 Sept. 30 am Sept. 30 pm
Genetics, Molecular biology, and Gene engineering
Taxonomy, phylogenetics 3P-1a001~1a008
Genetic engineering 3P-1a009~1a033 3P-1p001~1p029
Enzymology, Protein engineering, and Enzyme technology
Enzymology, enzyme 1P-1p001~1p024 2P-1p001~1p015 3P-1a034~1a043 3P-1p035~1p057
Proteins 1P-1p025~1p038 2P-1p016~1p027 3P-1a044~1a053 3P-1p058~1p068
Antibody engineering 2P-1p028~1p037 3P-1a054~1a063
Metabolism and Fermentation production
Fermentation physiology, fermentation technology 1P-1p039~1p054 2P-1p038~1p054 3P-1a064~1a074 3P-1p069~1p077
Metabolic engineering 1P-1p055~1p068 2P-1p055~1p068 3P-1a075~1a087
Omics technology 3P-1a088~1a097 3P-1p078~1p086
Brewing and Food technology
Brewing, brewing technology 1P-1p069~1p083 2P-1p069~1p082
Food science, food technology 1P-1p084~1p101 2P-1p083~1p099
Environmental biotechnology  
Bioremediation 1P-1p102~1p113 2P-1p100~1p113
Environmental technology, wastewater treatment 3P-1a098~1a113 3P-1p099~1p111
Biomass, bioresource and energy engineering 1P-1p114~1p131 2P-1p114~1p131 3P-1a114~1a131 3P-1p112~1p129
Biochemical engineering
Biochemical engineering 2P-2p132~2p140 3P-2p132~2p154
Cell culture engineering 3P-2p155~2p167
Bioprocess engineering 2P-2p141~2p150 3P-2p168~2p177
Plant cell technology
Plant cell / tissue engineering 3P-1p030~1p034
Animal cell technology
Biomedical engineering 1P-2p132~2p143
Cell and tissue engineering 1P-2p144~2p166 2P-2p151~2p180
Bioinformation technology
Bioinformatics 3P-1p087~1p097
Systems biology 3P-1p098
Analytical chemistry and Measuring devise
Biosensing and analytical chemistry 1P-2p167~2p182
Sensors and monitoring devices 1P-2p183~2p187
Biofunctional chemistry
Biosynthesis, natural organic chemistry 3P-2a132~2a154
Organic chemistry, polymer chemistry 3P-2a155
Biomolecular engineering
Nucleic acid engineering 2P-2p181~2p183
Peptide engineering 3P-2a156~2a170
Lipid engineering 3P-2a171~2a175
Glycoengineering 2P-2p184~2p187
*Young Researchers Committee for Biotechnology 3P-2a176~2a184

*Poster session of PhD students selected by the “Young Researchers Committee for Biotechnology” forum.
There will be an oral session for those students at the Room B (Toyama International Conference Center 2F)  from 16:00 to 18:00 on September 29, 2016.

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