1. Do I have to be an SBJ member to submit an abstract?
Yes. SBJ membership is required to make a presentation at the meeting. Membership benefits include a meeting registration discount. For more information, visit the registration page

2. Is there an abstract submission fee?
No, but there is a 10,000 JPY for Active member and 6,000 JPY for Student members non-refundable charge to attend the meeting. All presenters must register for the meeting at the appropriate rate. Presenters must complete the registration before abstract submission. You will receive ID and Password to submit abstract online after you register for the meeting online. Without the ID and Password, you cannot submit an abstract.

3. I am an SBJ Oversea member. Can I use my membership number to register for the meeting?
Yes. You can enter your membership number in 6 digits on the online registration form.

4. I am a KSBB /BEST member. Do I have to join SBJ to make a presentation at the meeting?
No. Members of The Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering (KSBB) and Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering Society of Taiwan (BEST) may be exempt from paying for the SBJ membership fee, and register for the meeting at the SBJ member’s rates. Please contact SBJ Business Office () before starting online registration.

5. What presentation formats are available?
Each presenter can make one oral presentation.

6. How long can an abstract be?
Please prepare your abstract within the following character limits:

  • Abstract (without title and author information): 1,540 characters
  • Title: 200 characters
  • Author information (names and affiliation abbreviations): 400 characters

Abstract Samplepdf

7. When will I know my presentation schedule?
All presenting authors will receive an e-mail notification of scheduling in the middle of June, 2019.

8. Should I anticipate any problems submitting an abstract on the Web?
No. Experience has shown that only a few users have any difficulty in completing the online submission. If you do have a problem we suggest that you try another computer. Some combinations of certain computers and browsers on occasion may cause problems.

9. Can I exit the program after partially completing the submission and return later to complete the process?
No, if you exit the program before you click on “submit your abstract”, your information will be lost and you will need to start over. You may minimize your screen while you work in another program but do not exit the abstract form.

10. Can I cut and paste my abstract text from a word processor into the submission system?
This will be determined by your own computer system. We do not recommend using the cut and paste option when it involves special characters (such as super- or subscripts, Greek characters etc.). Make sure you use only standard ASCII characters. You will need to confirm and repair any missing characters. You will also need to make sure you put your authors, affiliation abbreviations, abstract title and abstract body in the correct fields.

11. How can I determine that I have not exceeded the 1,540 character count?
You will be informed and not permitted to continue with your submission if you exceed the maximum number of characters on the confirmation screen.
NOTE: The 1,540 character count does not includes author names, affiliation abbreviations, or title.

12. Can I submit a table or a figure in the abstract body?
No, we only accept text data.

13. How do I make a sub- or superscripted in my abstract?
First move the cursor to the position where you want to insert special effects. Then click on the tag button above the abstract field. Tags will be inserted automatically. If it does not work, please type tags (<sub></sub> or <sup></sup>).

14. How do I change the presenting author’s name on my abstract?
The presenting author’s name cannot be changed. To change the presenting author’s name, you must withdraw the abstract, then resubmit with the new name. This must be done by the submission deadline of 12 noon (JST) on May 14, 2019.

15. Can I revise my abstract?
Yes. Go to the submission site and log in with your ID and Password and click on “Correction”. After 12 noon of May 14, 2019, no revisions will be permitted.

16. How do I withdraw an abstract?
To withdraw an abstract, return to the submission site and select “Cancel”. The presenting author will be informed of the withdrawal.

17. The system is very slow. Why?
If you are submitting your abstract on the last two days leading up to the deadline, you may experience some slowness because of the number of people using the system on these days. While we have made every effort to ensure efficient receipt of all abstracts, extreme stress on the system may result in a slower submission process. PLEASE SUBMIT EARLY TO AVOID FRUSTRATIONS. We cannot extend the deadline past 12 noon (JST), May 14, 2019.

18. After I paid the registration fee and submitted the abstract, I realized that I cannot attend the meeting. Can I cancel my registration?
All cancellations must be received in writing no later than July 12, 2019. Please note that in the case of cancellation or non-attendance, no refund of fees may be expected.

19. Is there any dress code at the SBJ meeting?
The severe remaining heat is expected during the 71st SBJ Meeting. We encourate participants to wear light clothes (without jackets and ties).

20. Is WiFi service available at the meeting rooms?
We do not provide complimentary wireless access to the Internet. However, eduroam (educational roaming infrastructure) is available in the whole venue. Please use eduroam if you have an account on Eduroam.

21. I do not see my questions in the FAQ’s, who can help?
Contact SBJ Business office at for inquiry about membership. As for the solution of technical problems, please contact Web secretariat at .