Payment for the registration fees can be made at the following convenience stores:

ローソン スリーエフファミリーマートミニストップ 
セイコーマート デイリーヤマザキ

  • LAWSON /THREE-F / MINISTOP (with Loppi)
  • FamilyMart (with Famiポート)
  • Seicomart (with Club station)
  • Daily YAMAZAKI

Step1. Go to the URL given in the e-mail you receive after online registration. Log in with your ID and Password given in the e-mail.

Step2. Check the entry and click ”Obtain Reference Numbers”.

Step 3. Customer no.: “お客様番号/オンライン決済番号” [okyakusama-bango/onrain kessai-bango] and Confirmation no.: “確認番号” [kakunin-bango] will be shown on the screen.

Step 4. You will shortly receive an email confirmation (in Japanese) containing the customer number and confirmation number.

Step 5. Please print out the e-mail and take it to a local convenience store to complete payment within 7 days.

NOTE: You will receive a formal receipt along with an attendee pass and the Meeting Abstracts after August 9, 2019.