From January 2009, SBJ members will receive their subscription to the Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering online-only!

In order to best use the resources of the JBB, and utilize the excellent publishing services of Elsevier, we wish to remind JBB readers that members will receive their subscription to the Journal online-only beginning in January 2009. The printed version of the Journal will continue to be available to members through SBJ as well as non-members through Elsevier.
The SBJ boards have made this decision to ensure that we will maintain and expand access to the JBB to the largest possible international readership.

To access the journal online, members need to activate online access at Members’ Free Online Access to JBB. Please be aware that you will need your SBJ membership number (in 6 digits) to activate access to the journal online; if you have forgotten your SBJ membership number, please e-mail us at .

We look forward to increasing our content and accessibility world-wide, while maintaining the quality and readership of JBB that has been achieved. The SBJ wishes to thank its members, JBB subscribers and readers for their continued support to the Journal.