Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering Vol. 100, No. 6  (December 2005) Cover

Immunocytochemical detection of poly-γ-glutamate (γPGA) expressed in tobacco leaf tissues.

Left panel, Whole mount staining of leaf containing parts transformed with control vector (left) or a mixture of pgsA, pgsB, and pgsC Agrobacterium strains (right) separated by a vein. Right panel, Cross-section of leaf (4 μm thick) transformed with a mixture of pgsA, pgsB, and pgsC Agrobacterium strains.

The pgsA, pgsB, and pgsC form the γPGA synthetase system (pgs) complex. These immunocytochemical results indicate that the pgs complex expressed transiently in tobacco tissues could produce sufficient γPGA.

Related article: Tarui, Y., Iida, H., Ono, E., Miki, W., Hirasawa, E., Fujita, K., Tanaka, T., and Taniguchi, M., "Biosynthesis of poly-γ-glutamic acid in plants: transient expression of poly-γ-glutamate synthetase complex in tobacco leaves", J. Biosci. Bioeng., vol. 100, 443-448 (2005).