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Acinetobacter sp. Tol 5 is a hydrocarbon-degrading bacterium and exhibits noteworthily high adhesiveness to various abiotic surfaces from hydrophobic plastics to hydrophilic glass and metals. This unique nonspecific adhesiveness is mediated by AtaA, a nanofiber protein on the cell surface. The photograph shows a fluorescent microscopic observation of mCherry-expressing Tol 5 cells stained with an anti-AtaA antibody. The cell body of Tol 5 (red) wascovered with surrounding AtaA fibers (green).

For more information regarding this work, read the article: Aoki, S. et al., “Native display of a huge homotrimeric protein fiber on the cell surface after precise domain deletion”, J. Biosci. Bioeng., https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jbiosc.2019.09.022 (2020) (Copyright @ 2020 The Society for Biotechnology, Japan).

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