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Physically-crosslinked chitosan cryogel was prepared by freeze-thawing of a chitosan-gluconic acid conjugate aqueous solution and sterilized by autoclaving. The autoclaved cryogel retained favorable biological properties of the pre-autoclaved cryogel. The photograph shows hematoxylin and eosin -stained cross-sections of the cryogel (red) implanted into mice and the surrounding tissues.

For more information regarding this work, read the article: Takayuki Takei, So
Danjo, Shogo Sakoguchi, Sadao Tanaka, Takuma Yoshinaga, Hiroto Nishimata, and Masahiro Yoshida, “Autoclavable physically-crosslinked chitosan cryogel as a wound dressing“, J. Biosci. Bioeng., volume 125, issue 4, pages 490–495 (2018) (Copyright@2020 The Society for Biotechnology, Japan).

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