2020 Sakura-Bio Meeting は、webを用いて開催します。ただし、要旨の公開と、発表者有志による一般講演のビデオ発表とPDFポスター発表のみになり、招待講演は行われません。

The 2020 Sakura-Bio Meeting will be held on the Internet with free of charge.
However, no invited lectures are available. Instead, only video talks and pdf posters are provided by some voluntary presenters in addition to the abstract.
Pdf and video viewing will be open from March 30. Zoom meeting for video streaming and Q & A sessions will start from 10:00 on March 31st.
All the participants are requested to apply from the registration site below.
The maximum number of participants is limited to 100. Approved participants will receive an e-mail about the access information.